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Players who played for both Real Madrid and Barcelona

The most fierce rivalry in club football is probably between Real Madrid and Barcelona.  The transfer of Luis Figo to Real Madrid in 2000 shocked the football world.  It is probably the most controversial transfer in history. 
Figo with his "future" Madrid teammate Ronaldo

However, players who played for both clubs are nothing new.  At the time of writing, there are 33 players who played for both clubs. Twenty-one of them came from Barcelona to Real Madrid and only eleven others went the other way.

1) Alfonso Albéniz, 2) Arsenio Comamala, 3) Walter Rozitsky

4) Ricardo Zamora & 5) Josep Samitier
Ricardo Zamora and Josep Samitier were part of Barcelona's successful team in the 1920's.  In 1930, Zamora went to Real Madrid vis Espanyol where he played for two seasons. Samitier joined a year later.  Real madrid won its first ever La Liga title in the season Samitier arrived.

Zamora and Samitier
6) Alfonso Albéniz, 7) Luciano Lizarraga, 8) Charles Wallace, 9) José Quirante, 10) Hilario, 11) Alfonso Navarro

12)  Alfredo Di Stefano
Both Barcelona and Real Madrid claimed to have signed Alfred Di Stefano in 1953. The Spanish Football Ferderation ruled that Di Sefano should play alternative season for each club. He played one game for Barcelona.  His performance was so bad that Barcelona gave up on him.  He joined Real Madrid.  In his first El Classico, Real Madrid beat Barcelona 5-0 with him scoring 4 goals.  He would put Real Madrid on the map by winning 5 straight European Cups.  Barcelona would not win its first European Cup until 1992. 

13) Justo Tejada, 14) Jesús María Pereda, 15) Evaristo de Macedo, 16) Fernand Goyvaerts, 17) Lucien Muller, 18) Lorenzo Amador

19)Bernd Schuster
He played with Diego Maradona at Barcelona, and then, La Quinta del Buitre at Madrid.  He also joined Atletico Madrid.  He is the only player in history to have won the Copa del Rey with each of the big three.

20) Gheorghe Hagi
Hagi joined Real Madrid after the 1989 Romanian Revolution and the WC in 1990.  He had an unremarkable career there.  He moved to Brescia in Italy.  After the WC in 1994, he moved to Barcelona, but again, he never settled.

21) Fernando ”Nando” Muñoz , 22) Julen Lopetegui

23) Michael Laudrup 
Laudrup played 5 seasons with Barcelona winning 4 La Liga titles and Barcelona's first ever European Cup. Then, he had a row with manager Johan Cruyff.  He moved to Real Madrid for free in 1994.  In his last El Classico playing for Barcelona, Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-0.  The following season, Real Madrid beat Barcelona 5-0 in his first ever El Classico with Real Madrid.  He also won La Liga in his first season.

24) Robert Prosinečki 

He was a star signing when he joined Real Madrid in 1991, but his career there was injury-riddled. He joined Real Oviedo and then, Barcelona, where he only played 20 league matches.

25) Miquel Soler

26) Luis Enrique
He played 5 seasons with Real Madrid and then, he went to Barcelona for a free transfer.  He spent 8 seasons there and became their captain.  Barcelona won their first ever European Cup in 1992 when he was playing for Real Madrid.  Real Madrid won three Champions' League during his time with Barcelona.

27) Daniel García Lara  

28) Luís Figo
The Barcelona fans absolutely loved Figo.  He was their best player.  He pledged his loyalty to his club only days before he moved to Real Madrid. In his first return to Camp Nou, the fans turned out against in a way unseen in the history of football.  

Fans' reaction to Figo's transfer

29) Albert Celades, 30) Alfonso Pérez

31) Ronaldo
In his single season with Barcelona, he scored 47 goals, including some of the greatest goals in Barcelona's history.  He went to Inter Milan after one season.  He joined Real Madrid after the WC in 2002.  He was Pichichi in his first season.  
Ronaldo vs Roberto Carlos
32) Samuel Eto'o 

He was from Real Madrid academy. He first sent on loan to Mallorca and then, a permanent move with a buyback clause.  Barcelona bought his rights from Mallorca and Madrid in 2004. He would taunt Real Madrid with his goals for the next 6 seasons.

33) Javier Saviola 

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