Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eusebio's alternative career

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 In 1957, Juventus discovered Eusebio when he was 15 years. Eusebio's mother did not want his son to move to Italy. I don't know the Italian law in 1957. He was not an Italian so he could not become an oriundo. Let's assume that he became an Italian citizen around 1962. What would happen?

Question marks? -- Would the Italians select a Black player to their national team in 1960's? Italy did not cap a Black player until 2001.  
-- Imagine Italy with Riveria, Mozzola, Facchetti, Zoff, Riva and Eusebio throughout the 1960's?
-- Serie A banned foreign players by 1964. What would happen to Eusebio?

In 1960, Eusebio was discovered by Brazil international footballer Bauer who wanted him to join Sao Paulo, but Sao Paulo did not want to buy him. What if he went to Brazil? Again, I do not know Brazilian immigration law in 1960.  According to the modern Brazilian law, he could become a Brazilian citizen in 4 years. He would have been eligible to play for Brazil by 1964.

Question marks? -- I don't know if Brazil ever capped a foreign-born player before. And I don't know if Brazil would cap a foreign-born player in 1964.
-- But imagine Brazil with Garrincha, Pele, Eusebio?
-- Can Brazil win the World Cup in 1966 with Eusebio? Imagine Brazil with Eusebio in 1970.

They could have been teammates in 1966.

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