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Chile All-time 23 member team

Chile 1962
The best result for Chile at a World Cup Finals were in 1962 when they finished 3rd as the host.  Leonel Sanchez was their star player. Their next major success came in 1998. The strike force of  Marcelo Salas and Iván Zamorano helped them to reach the round of 16. In 2000, Chile won the Bronze medal at the Olympics with Zamorano as one of the overage players.  Since then, another Golden Generation emerged.  They qualified for both 2010 and 2014 World Cup Finals, advancing to the second stage on both occasions.  Chile won back-to-back Copa America in 2015 and 2016.

If there were an All-Time World Cup, this would be the 23 players I would bring to the tournament.

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The greatest keeper in Chile's history.  He was of Scottish descent.  He was nicknamed "El Sapo" ("The Toad") for his typical posture in the goal mouth. From 1938–59 he played primarily for CD Universidad Católica in Santiago. With Chile he took part in seven South American Championships and one World Cup.

He is best remembered for faking an injury hit by a rocket during a match against Brazil in 1989 and led to a lifetime ban on football.  He was actually a good keeper who was capped 9 times. With Colo-Colo, Rojas won national titles in 1983 and 1986. In 1987, after a successful performance in the Copa América 1987 championship, he transferred to Brazil's São Paulo where he remained until 1989. 

GK: Mario Osbén
Nicknamed "the Cat". He played for Ñublense, Club de Deportes Concepción, Unión Española, Colo Colo and Cobreloa during his professional career. He represented Chile at the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain.

RB: Luis Eyzaguirre
He played right back in the Universidad de Chile football team known as the Ballet Azul, with which he won four national championships.He capped 39 times played in 1962 World Cup Finals at home where Chile reached the semi-final.  He was considered the best rightback of his time.

RB/LB: Mario Galindo
He was rated as one of the greatest Chilean fullbacks.  He went to the WC finals in 1974 and 1982. During his playing career, Galindo played at the club level for Colo Colo. 

CB: Fernando Astengo
Fernando Astengo was considered one of the best defenders in Chilean history.  In 1988, he was voted as the best center-back in South America while playing for Gremio in Brazil.  In 1989, he received a 3 year ban for the Rojas incident vs Brazil.
CB:  Alberto Quintano
Alberto Quintano played in the 1974 WC Finals.  He spent his career with Universidad de Chile.  He went to play for Cruz Azul in 1971 and became one of the best defenders in Mexico.

SW:  Elias Figueroa
Elias Figueroa was one of the best defenders in South American history.  He was named the Brazilian Player of the year award whilst playing for Internacional in 1972 and 1976. He was also awarded the South American Footballer of the Year three times in a row. He played for several clubs during his long career, notably his hometown club Santiago Wanderers, Brazilian club Internacional and Uruguayan club Peñarol. He also represented Chile 47 times, appearing in three world cups, in 1966, 1974, and 1982.

Elias Figueroa

CB: Ignacio Prieto 
Ignacio Prieto  played at the 1966 World Cup Finals in England.  He played with Nacional in Uruguay before moving to France. While playing with Lille, he was the joint-winner of the Trophée de l'Étoile d'or in 1974-1975.

CB: Ulises Poirier
He was voted Best defender of the South American championship twice in 1922 and 1926. He was the captain of Chilean national team at the 1930 World Cup finals in Uruguay.

LB: Sergio Navarro
He was the captain of the 1962 WC team that came third.  He was capped 31 times. He has played for Universidad de Chile, Colo-Colo and Unión Española.

LB: Antonio Arias
He played 30 times for the Chile between 1968 and 1973.  He went to the 1974 World Cup.  At club level, Arias played for Magallanes and Unión Española.

DM: Eladio Rojas
He spent most of his career with Everton(Chile).  He scored the winning goal against Yugoslavia at the 1962 WC Finals that gave Chile a third place finish.  He went to play for River Plate in Argentina after the WC Finals.

CM: Rubén Marcos 
Rubén Marcos was considered one of the best Chilean midfielders ever.  He was known for his endurance.  He went to the WC finals in 1966.  During his career, Marcos played for Universidad de Chile, and Palestino.   

CM: Arturo Vidal
At time of writing, he is considered one of the best box-to-box midfielders in the world.  He went to the WC finals in 2010 and 2014.  He played with Bayer Leverkusen before transferring to Juventus in Italy.   In 2015, he moved to Bayern Munich.  At the time of writing, he has 86 caps.  He helped Chile to win back-to-back Copa America in 2015 and 2016.

Arturo Vidal

RW: Enrique Hormazabal
Enrique Hormazabal is considered one of the greatest Chilean attackers in history. He spent most of his career with Colo Colo. He was influential with the national squad in both the 1955 and 1956 editions of the Copa America where Chile both times would finish as runners-up.

LW:  Leonel Sanchez
He was Chile's record cap holder until 2014.  He was one of the greatest left wingers in history.  He scored 4 goals in the 1962 World Cup Finals, where he finsihed a joint-top scorer.  He spent 17 seasons with Universidad de Chile. He finished his career playing for different Chilean clubs such as Colo-Colo, Palestino and Ferroviarios

He is the all-time leading scorer in the Chilean league.  He played for many clubs, but he spent the longest period with Colo Colo, where he formed a notable partnership with Carlos Gaszely. He earned 50 caps and served as the team captain. He went to the WC Finals in 1966 and 1974.

FW/WF/RW: Carlos Caszely
He was known to be a critics of Pinochet's government of Chile.  He played in the 1974 and 1982 WC Finals.  In Chile, he played mostly with Colo Colo.  He also went to play for Levante and Espanyol in Spain.

FW/RW: Alexis Sanchez
After his debut season of first-team football with Cobreloa, Sánchez was signed by Italy's Udinese in 2006. Following successful loans at Colo-Colo and River Plate, he began playing in Serie A. In 2011, he was signed by Barcelona for £25 million, becoming the most expensive transfer in Chilean football history. In 2014, he moved rot Arsenal.  At the time of writing, he earned 108 caps.  He has played in the WC Finals of 2010 and 2014. He helped Chile to win the 2015 Copa America.  A year later, he led Chile to win Copa América Centenario in the US.

ST: Raúl Toro Julio
He was considered the first star in Chilean football.  He played with Santiago Morning , Santiago National and Santiago Wanderers.  He was known for his wild life-style. He went to the South American Championship in 1937, where he scored two goals against Uruguay and Uruguay lost its first ever match in the tournament.

ST: Marcelo Salas
He played 71 times for Chile and went to the WC in 1998.  He first made his name with River Plate, where he was considered one of the greatest foreigner ever played for them.  He moved to Lazio in 1998, where he won the Serie A in 1999-2000.

ST: Iván Zamorano
He is considered to be one of Chile's greatest strikers.  He played in the 1998 World Cup and four Copa América tournaments. He won a bronze medal at the 2000 Olympics, where he also finished as the top-scorer.  He played notably Real Madrid, where he won La liga and was the league's top scorer in 1994-1995.  He also scored a hat-trick in a 5-0 win over Barcelona that season. He also played with Inter Milan, Sevilla, Colo Colo, etc.

Iván Zamorano
Honorable Mention
Jorge Aravena, Nelson Tapia, Lizardo Garrido, Carlos Reinoso, Jamie Pizarro, David Pizarro, Humberto Cruz and Francisco Molina.

Squad Explanation
I could find spaces for Jorge Aravena, Nelson Tapia, Lizardo Garrido, Carlos Reinoso, Jamie Pizarro, David Pizarro, Humberto Cruz and Francisco Molina.

Starting lineup
Formation: 4-2-1-3
I decided to strt two defensive midfielders to protect the team.  Marcos would serve as the shuttler.   Many experts ranked Marcelo Salas ahead of Iván Zamorano, but I preferred Zamorano.  Alexis Sanchez deserved to start.

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  1. Honorable Mention also
    1).- George Robledo idol of John Lennon in NewCastle, finalist of Sudamericano and multichampion with Colo colo.
    2).- Davir Arellano emblem player of Colo Colo goal scorer of sudamericano 1926.
    3).- Patricio Yáñez and 4).- Alberto Fouillioux.

    I congratulate you on the good work.