Monday, January 13, 2014

Forgotten Footballer: Gerri Muhren

Gerri Muhren played a big part on the great Ajax team of the 1970's that won three European Cup.  Against Real Madrid in the semi-final of the European Cup in 1973, he decided to jiggle the ball in the middle of the field before passing it.  His action captured the minds of football fans from around the world.  Many considered the jiggling act as symbol of Ajax's greatness.  

Muhren was projected to be a starter at the WC Finals in 1974.  Unfortunately, he withdraw from the squad because his son was ill.  Wim Jensen took his spot in the starting lineup.  Without the spotlight from the WC Finals, his name is not as famous as the Dutch players of his generation.   His brother Arnold Muhren was a part of the great Dutch team that won the European Championship in 1988.  Although Gerri was probably rated higher of the two, Arnold is probably the bigger name because of the title in 1988.  

Gerri Muhren would finish his career in Spain and Hong Kong.  He died in 2013.

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