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The Brazil 1982 with Careca

Brazil 1982 with Careca(second bottom from the left)

Many considered Brazil 1982 as one of the greatest teams that had never won the World Cup.  Serginho Chulapa was known as the weak link among the outfielders.  However, he was not supposed to the starter. The team that we saw at Spain 1982 was actually misising its original starter: Careca.


Careca who would star at Mexico 1986 was injured right before the tournament.  Tele Santana brought back Roberto Dinamite, who was out of form.  Serginho Chulapa became the starter and he had a poor tournament.  He was often portrayed as a donkey playing with 9 artistic outfielders. He was unfairly blamed for Brazil's exit.  The world never got to see the full potential of Brazil at the WC Finals in 1982, but Brazil played two friendly matches a month before the start of the World Cup Finals with Careca as the starter.  They were the only two games where Brazil used the expected lineup in the Finals.

Against both Switzerland and Ireland, Tele Santana chose to use the same starting lineup.  Paulo Isidoro who was used as a sub during the WC Finals started for both matches.  At the WC Finals, Dirceu started in the first match against the Soviet Union, but Toninho Cerezo started in his place for the rest of the Finals. Of course, Careca started both games.

Starting lineup for both games:
GK: Waldir Peres
RB: Leandro
CB: Oscar
CB: Luizinho
LB: Junior
MF: Falcao
MF: Zico
MF: Socrates
FW: Eder
FW: Paulo Isidoro
FW: Careca

Brazil drew 1-1 with Switzerland.  Then, they beat Ireland 7-0 during the sendoff game before the Finals.  It was Ireland's worst ever defeat.  While the scoreline was impressive, the Irish team was not their full team.  Their English-based players were not allowed to travel because of the Falklands War, a year earlier.  Liam Brady, however, played.  They also lost to Chile and T&T(according to some sources, Ireland won the game, but T&T changed the scoreline).

Brazil vs Ireland

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