Thursday, March 6, 2014

Carlos Llamosa: Finding the American Dream

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    Throughout time, people moves to the United States to find their "American Dream".  The story of Carlos Llamosa is about finding that Dream.  He was a native of Colombia who gave up a dream of playing professional soccer in 1991 so that he could join his family in Queens, New York.  He had played for Atletico Huila in Colombia previously.  In 1991, there was no professional soccer in the United States.  The Major League Soccer did not start until 1996.  He worked as a janitor at the World Trade Centre and was present at the building during the 1993 terrorist attack.  In 1995, he started playing again by joining New York Centaurs of the A-League.  Bruce Arena liked what he saw and brought him to DC United in 1997.  From an unknown player from the minor, he made it to the starting lineup of DC United.  In 1998, he earned his first cap for the USA after becoming a citizen and would make the World Cup team in 2002 where he made two appearances.  Colombia did not qualify for the World Cup Finals that year, making Carlos Llamosa, perhaps the only Colombian-born player at the Finals.