Sunday, September 7, 2014

Superstars who never played for the clubs they supported.

Those players could easily walk into clubs they supported and the clubs would dream to have them, but they never had a chance.  A few of them ended with their bitter rivals.

Zinedine Zidane was born in Marseille.  As a kid, he supported Olympique de Marseille.  In fact, he named his son after Enzo Francescoli.  AS Cannes discovered him when he was 14 years.  He never played for his hometown club.

Raul never said that he was a fan of Atletico Madrid, but his family were Atletico Madrid fans.  In fact, he started his career with their  academy, but he never played for the first team. He must be a closet Atletico Madrid fan.  He was forced to move to Real Madrid when Jesús Gil closed the Atletico Madrid academy.  His first ever professional goal was ironically against Atletico Madrid.  His father told reporters after the goal: "We are Real Madrid fans now".
Raul(front row middle)

Kenny Dalglish lived Ibrox, the home of Glasgow Rangers. He supported them.  He was a Protestant too.  When Celtics Sean Fallon went to his home to sign him, he pulled down all the Rangers posters from his bedroom wall. 

John Terry said in an interview that he supported Manchester United.  He is from London.  So he ended up with the West Ham academy and then, Chelsea.

Cristano Ronaldo supported Benfica as a kid, but he ended up with Benfica's rival, Sporting CP. 

Michael Owen, Ian Rush, Jamie Carragher, Steve McManaman and Robbie Fowler were allegedly supporters of Everton. Steve Gerrard supported Liverpool, but I found this photo.

Steve Gerrard

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