Sunday, September 28, 2014

Diego Maradona's idol: Ricardo Bochini

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Ricardo Bochini was Diego Maradona's idol.  He was considered one of the greatest playmakers in Argentina's history, but he never got his opportunity with the national team.  Cesar Luis Menotti decided to take Norberto Alonso in 1978.  After 1978, Carlos Bilardo opted for young players such as Diego Maradona.  however, by 1986, Maradona insisted the inclusion of then, 32 years old Ricardo Bochini.  He only played 5 minutes against Belgium in the semi-final.

Bochini was a legend at Independiente.  He joined the club during the middle of the club's 4 straight Copa Libertadores victory.  In 1973, he made his first big role with the club against Juventus at the Intercontinental Club.  He scored a winning goal with an assist from Daniel Bertoni.  The pair would form a legendary partnership at the club.  In 1984, Bochini would lead them to another Copa Libertadores and the Intercontinental Cup.  

Please also see my All-Time World Cup Team Index.

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