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Beşiktaş JK Greatest All-Time Team

From 1956-1959, they won two straight league titles

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This is my selection of a 25 member all-time team for the club.  The number 25 was chosen because it is the official squad size for the Champions' League.

Beşiktaş J.K. was originally a gymnastic club.  Some of the young patriots from the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul formed two football clubs called "Valideçeşme" and "Basiret" under the leadership of Şeref Bey. The Valideçeşme and Basiret football clubs joined under the Beşiktaş Ottoman Gymnastics Club in 1911. In a very short time, football became the foremost branch in the club.  The club transformed into the modern football team.  Today, the club is one of the bog three in Turkish football.
Super Liga champion 2016-2017

GK: Necmi Mutlul (Turkey)
Necmi Mutlu started football at Kadırga at the age of 16. After playing for Kadirga and Beykoz for 5 seasons, he offered to transfer himself to Galatasaray in 1958, but he preferred to go to Besiktas. He played  241 matches in 11 seasons for Beşiktaş. Between 1961 and 1965, he was capped by Turkey 5 times.
Necmi Mutlul
GK: Sabri Dino (Turkey)
Futbola started at Istanbul Tarabya team at the age of 14. From there, he went to Galatasaray's youth team, but he made his name while playing the Navy team during his military service. At the end of his military service, he joined Beyoğluspor and then, Beşiktaş in 1964. Sabri Dino played Besiktas for 12 years. He was capped 19 times.

GK: Rasin Kara (Turkey)
Born in Eskişehir, Kara began playing as a goalkeeper with the youth side of Eskişehir Işıkspor. He would later join Uşakspor and Bursaspor. During his tenure with Bursaspor, he was promoted to the national team. He reached his peak of career with joining Beşiktaş in 1975/76 season where he will have spent his nine years. He achieved the Turkish League title in 1981/82 season. Kara retired football in 1984. Kara played for Turkey in the UEFA Euro 1976 qualifying rounds

RB: Recap Çetin (Turkey)
Recep Çetin began his football career in 1979 at the age of 14 as a youth trainee in the Sakaryaspor football club, where he remained upon turning professional at 19 in 1984. Transferring to Boluspor in 1986 and Beşiktaş J.K. in 1988, he was selected to play for the Turkey national team 56 times and played 10 seasons in Beşiktaş. Upon leaving Beşiktaş he transferred to Trabzonspor in 1998 and then to İstanbulspor in 1999, ultimately retiring in 2002.

CB: Ali İhsan Karayiğit (Turkey)
He started with Balikesir. He was transferred to Besiktas in 1948. He played with them until the end of the 1957-58 season. He was capped 13 times.

DM/CB: Samet Aybaba (Turkey)
He transferred to Beşiktaş JK in 1977–78 season. He played 334 matches for Beşiktaş and scored 7 goals. He won 2 League Championships, 1 Presidency Cup, 1 Prime Ministry Cup and 2 TSYD Cups and retired after finishing the 1987–88 season. 
Samet Aybaba 
CB:  Alpay Özalan
He earned 87 caps for Turkey.  He went to the Euro 1996, Euro 2000, 2002 World Cup, and the 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup nduring Turkey's Golden period. He made the all-tournament at the WC Finals in 2002 as Turkey finished 3rd.   He started with Beşiktaş and had stints with Aston Villa.  He also played in Germany, Korea and Japan.

CB: Gökhan Keskin (Turkey)
Gökhan Keskin started football at Dikilitaşspor. From 1984 to 1996, he he played for Besiktas. He was a great part of the club under manager Gordon Milne. He cored the goal against Trabzonspor that won the championship in 1986. Gökhan was capped by Turkey 41 times.  He also played for Istanbulspor.

LB/FW: Husnu Savman (Turkey)
From 1926 until the end of 1943, he played 17 years for Besiktas he mainly played as a left back, but played some games as a forward. He was a long-time captain of the club. He was capped 8 times for Turkey.

LB/LW: Ibrahim Üzülmez (Turkey)
After finishing his military service in 1999, he joined Gaziantepspor.  In 2000, he joined Beşiktaş J.K. and stayed there until his retirement in 2011. In 2006, he was named as the club's captain. His best performance was against Barcelona in the 2000–01 Champions League group stage where he helped his team for a famous 3-0 win.  Capped 38 times.
Ibrahim Üzülmez
LB/LW: Kadir Akbulut (Turkey)
Akbulut had begun playing football in Denizlispor at youth level, until his joining to Beşiktaş in 1980, in which he played for 14 seasons during one of the most successful periods of the team's history. In Beşiktaş years, he played 349 league matches (322 in starting line-up), scoring 4 times and being a part of undefeated champion squad of 1991-92 season. Capped 4 times.

RW/RB: Rıza Çalımbay
He spent his entire career with Beşiktaş between 1980 and 1996.  He is considered one of their greatest players. He was once their captain.  Nicknamed "Atom Ant", he is the club appearance record holder. He was capped 38 times by Turkey between 1981 and 1992. His only international was scored against Ireland in 1991.
Rıza Çalımbay

DM: Tayfur Havutçu (Turkey) 
Born in West Germany, he started with German club SV Darmstadt. In 1993–94 season, he was transferred to the Turkish club Fenerbahçe S.K. again spending two years there, he was then transferred to Kocaelispor. In 1997, Tayfur was transferred to Beşiktaş J.K.

CM: Nusret Ülük (Turkey) 
He started with Beykoz  In 1949,  he moved to Beşiktaş. He was a part of the famous "Eşref-Ali Hasan-Nusret" team, where he teamed up with Eşref Özanç and Ali İhsan Karayiğit. He was capped 4 times.

AM: "Şifo" Mehhmet Özdilek (Turkey)
In Turkey, he was known as Şifo after Belgian star Enzo Scifo.  Şifo is considered one of the greatest player ever to wear the short of Beşiktaş. He played for them between 1988 and 2001. He was one of the most prolific scorers of Turkish football. He was capped 31 times.
"Şifo" Mehhmet Özdilek
AM: Sergen Yalçın (Turkey)
He is considered to be one of Turkey's most talented players, but disagreements with coaches, injuries and other reasons limited his career.  He played the big four clubs in Turkey, but he spent the longest time with Beşiktaş. He was capped 37 times. He helped Turkey to qualify for Euro 1996, Turkey's first major tournament since the WC finals in 1954. He should have been a main part of the Turkish national team at the Euro 1996. 
Sergen Yalçın 
FW: Nihat Kahveci (Turkey)
Started with Besiktas in Turkey and joined Real Sociedad in 2002.  He formed a famous partnership with Darko Kovacevic there.  However, his club career was limited by an injury.  He earmed 69 caps for Turkey.  He was only used once at the WC Finals in 2002.  However, he was the hero of Turkey during the Euro 2008. he scored two goals in a dramatic win over the Czech Republic.

RW/FW: Metin Tekin (Turkey)
He started his football career in Kocaelispor. In the 1982-1983 season, he transferred to Beşiktaş. Beşiktaş fans called him "Sarı Fırtına" (The Blond Storm). Between 1982 and 1997, he played 320 games and scored 47 goals for the club. Capped 37 times by Turkish national football team and scored 2 goals.

LW/FW: Ali Gültiken (Turkey)
He joined Beşiktaş in 1983.  And he was promoted the senior squad in 1984/85 season. The club's manager Gordon Milne decided to switch him from the rightback to the forward line. Gültiken reached the peak of his football with scoring 30 goals in 38 matches in 1987/88 season.  He left the club at the age of 30 in 1995 due to an injury.. He joined Kayserispor in 1995 and spent the last season of his professional football career. He was capped 7 times.

FW/ST: Feyyaz Uçar (Turkey) 
Uçar was an idol for Beşiktaş. started his football career with Avcılar Spor Klübü. He was transferred to Beşiktaş's junior squad and made his professional debut in the 1981–1982 season. In the 1989–1990 season, he became the top scorer in the league with 28 goals. Uçar transferred to Fenerbahçe SK in 1994. He was loaned to Antalyaspor in 1995. Following year, he was sent to Kuşadası SK for one season. On May 31, 1997, he retired from active footballer. 
 Feyyaz Uçar

SS: Hakkı Yeten (Turkey)
Hakki Yeten was considered one of the earliest idols of the club. In 1931, Yeten dropped out of school and joined Beşiktaş. He played for Beşiktaş for 17 years mostly in the second striker position. Yeten was capped only three times for Turkey largely due to World War II. He scored 382 goals in 439 games.  Called "Baba" ("Father") Hakkı, he was elected the first honorary president of his club before he died on April 17, 1989 in İstanbul. 
Hakki Yeten

ST: Şükrü Gülesin (Turkey)
Şükrü Gülesin was of one of the first Turkish players to play overseas.  He left Beşiktaş in 1951 to play in Italy, where he spent time with Palermo and Lazio.  He returned to Turkey and played for Galatasaray.  He scored a total of 226 goals in his entire career, of which 32 directly by corner kicks.  He was capped 11 times and went to the Olympics in 1948.

ST:  Şeref Görkey (Turkey)
He spent his entire career with Beşiktaş, where he scored over 300 goals.  He was nicknamed Voleci Şeref "Şeref the Volley Scorer" due to his tally of scoring 99 goals of volley shots during his career. He was also known for scoring against the fierce rivalries of Beşiktaş, scoring 30 goals to Galatasaray and 13 goals to Fenerbahçe, respectively.  He was capped once in 1936.

ST: Sanlı Sarıalioğlu (Turkey)
Sanli was a youth product of Besiktas. He played his entire career (1961 to 1975) with Besiktas, playing 315 league games and scored 66 goals.  He was capped 21 times for Turkey. 

AM/ST: Ertuğrul Sağlam (Turkey)
He began his career playing for Fenerbahçe youth team but never played for the club. He made his name with Gaziantepspor and Samsunspor.  In 1994, Beşiktaş broke the transfer record to sign him. For the time being, that amount of money was unprecedented in Turkish Football history. During his six years at Beşiktaş, he scored 103 goals in 167 games.  He returned to Samsunspor in 2000.  He was capped 26 times and went to Euro 1996.

Ertuğrul Sağlam

Honorable Mention
Antonio Carlos Zago, Özcan Arkoç, Rustu Recber, İbrahim Akın, Jaroslaw Bako, Oscar Cordoba, Daniel Amokachi, Ulvi Güveneroğlu, Faruk Sağnak, Vedat Okyar, Okan Buruk, Mehmet Özdilek, İbrahim Üzülmez, Eşref Bilgiç, Fabian Ernst, Mario Gomes,, Ricardo Quaresma, Pascal Nouma, Bobô, Varol Ürkmez, Ahmet Börtücene, Hüsnü Savman, Mehmet Ekşi, Nazmi Bilge, Oğuzhan Özyakup, Güven Önüt, Şenol Birol, Ahmet Özacar.

Squad Explanation
--  Özcan Arkoç, Rustu Recber, Mehmet Ali Tanman, Jaroslaw Bako and Oscar Cordoba were the other keepers considered. I took three keepers with longer services to the club.  Rustu Recber and Oscar Cordoba are much more well-known internationally too, but I looked at the keepers' status with the club.
-- I do not know if Şükrü Gülesin deserved a spot on the team.  I named him because he was the first Turkish player to play aboard.  It was more for the milestone than anything.
-- Metin-Ai-Feyyaz was the nickname given to the team in the 1980's formed by three attackers: Metin Tekin, Ali Gültiken and Feyyaz.
-- The squad consists entirely of Turkish players.  I gave no preference to local player.  I just feel that the local players have done more for the club.  Pascal Nouma, Fabian Ernst, Bobô, Zago, Jaroslaw Bako, Oscar Cordoba, Daniel Amokachi and Mario Gomez or Ricardo Quaresma had played long enough to unseat some of the players mentioned here. 

I cannot reunite Metin-Ai-Feyyaz.  Metin Tekin has made way for Hakki Yemen.

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